August 24 Lash Designer Archive |1 Day Mastermind | Miami, Fl

  • $299.00
  • $299.00

Course: Lash Designer Archives  (1 Full Day 8 hours, includes 1 hour lunch break)  

When: Sat, August 24, 2024 

Time: 10am-6pm 

Where: Downtown, Miami ( address will be sent to each student)

Prerequisites: Students should have at minimum 1 year experience with classics lash skills !You can take this course if you are proficient in classics or volume. These principles can be applied to any form of lashing.

You took the Lash Training now what ?

This is a Specialty Advanced Lash Designer course focused on mastering the details, you will learn how I perform luxury lash consultations, advance mapping, pro-level retention, wispy style mapping, unlearning bad skills.

During this Lash design mastermind, students will spend the entire day in intense lash studies, focusing on the most important details a Lash Artist needs to transform their skills, graduate to the next level, and attract their target clientele. This course is designed to bring your inner artist forward.This course is all about refining your skills to Pro-level. Each student’s work will be examined and corrected individually so you will understand what habits you need to unlearn and replace them with new ones. 

 You will learn Shamelia's signature techniques used for her Celebrity Clients called invisible Lash Line, learn how to achieve pro-level retention, how to customize a luxury client consultation, understand face and eye shape analysis on a pro level to achieve clients' desires, most common lash design mistakes, pro-level layering & mapping, and our new specialty design technique "Invisible Lash Line: Kim K wispy effect." Students will learn our hyper-realistic & dramatic styling for Kim K effect. We will also have a powerful Q&A session.

We will address the most common mistakes lash artist make when styling :

  • inner & outer corners 
  • wrong mapping for face and eye shape
  • placement and lash direction 
  • errors causing bad lash retention

These errors will be addressed and corrected during the mastermind course.

*Students are required to bring their mannequin head and tweezers. A list of what is needed will be sent. Since the majority of students already invested in these items, we will not require you to purchase them from us for training.

All Lash Trainings are non-refundable. You have 14 days to make a one-time date change if applicable.