Exuma Clear Lash Adhesive

  • $60.00

This quick drying lash glue quickly grabs to lashes to create Russian volume fans. Our clear glue is perfect for both volume or classic lashes and lasts 6-8 weeks in cooler or dry climates. The Exuma clear strong hold adhesive is formaldehyde free.

Color: Clear

Size: 10ml

Retention: 6-8 Weeks

Drying Time: 1 - 2 Seconds

Viscosity: Thin

Humidity: 50%-70%


Shelf Life opened: 4 weeks Opened ( once opened store glue in pouch with silica bag in cool area, do not place glue in refrigerator after glue has been used)

Shelf Life unopened: 5-6 Months Unopened  (must store in refrigerator until bottle is ready for use. Allow glue to sit at room temperate for 1 hour once removed from refrigerator before use)